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Contents of the Winter issue - HERBS  2012 Vol. 37, No. 2


  • Growing and Using Hyssop - Judith Hann, Herb Society President, enjoys growing hyssop in her Cotswold herb garden.

  • Crowning Glories - From the ancient Olympiad to the present day, wreaths and garlands have played a significant role in celebrations of all kinds. Pamela Westland reveals the plants that celebrate merit and victory.

  • Join the AGM Visit to Ragley Hall’s Garden - Members of The Herb Society attending its Annual General Meeting and Conference have a delightful Sunday visit in store at Ragley Hall, Alcester. Here Head Gardener Ross Barbour offers a tempting preview to whet your appetite.

  • Growing Exotic Plants in a Cool Climate - Sarah Head aims to use only the herbs that she can grow herself. She set herself the challenge of growing an exotic herb that is used to warmer temperatures than she could provide. She reports on the outcome of her three-year project.

  • Some Basil with Your Fish? - Chris Moncrieff encountered a dual-purpose herb and fish-farming facility on a recent visit to the US. He reports on the basil and fish farm at Cheyney University.

  • Medicinal Plants in Bhutan - Earlier this year Susan Bacon visited the kingdom of Bhutan. Here she offers her impressions of the way plants in general and herbs in particular are used in everyday life in Bhutan.

  • Keats and the Summer Garden - Caroline Holmes visits the new borders at Keats House in Hampstead and connects the plants and the poetry.

  • Green Fingers Turn to Blue - Storyteller and craftswoman Skye Meredith describes the colours and shades that her mother, Jane Meredith, conjures from the plants she grows in her Herefordshire garden.

  • Beware the Upas Tree - Anthony Lyman-Dixon lines up primary sources as well as web references to draw a clearer picture of a tree that has fascinated writers and travellers alike since medieval times.

  • My Life in Herbs - Sarah Head is a member of the Herb Society and has been studying the medicinal uses of herbs since 1995, growing over 100 different varieties in her two herb gardens in Solihull and the Cotswolds.

  • Work Experience - Victoria Martin spent six months working as a seasonal herb gardener. She explains why it was her dream summer job.

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